Seeing as it is morning and the last thing that I ate was breakfast, I feel like talking about my daily breakfast routine.

I’ve always been a breakfast girl, specifically a cereal and milk girl. I love cereal. It was actually probably one of the big factors in my college weight gain.(of course, several giant bowls of cinnamon toast crunch every day isn’t quite the same as how I enjoy my cereal now.)

My cereal box and measuring cup.

This is my gorgeous, perfect cereal box. I fill it with my Honey Nut Scooters (wonderful, off-brand Cheerios that are fewer points-plus normal Cheerios).

And because portion-control is a problem for me, I’ve attached my measuring cup to the box. BAM!

So now, every morning I get two half-cup measures full of cereal and put them in my cereal bowl and I cover it with exactly 1 cup of skim milk and eat my wonderful 5-points-plus bowl of cereal.

My mother likes to point out that for those same 5-points-plus, I could eat two eggs and a piece of toast, but then I wouldn’t have my milk. And I still like my cereal more than eggs and toast any day.

So that’s my secret to breakfast. Do you have any tips for portion control?