About Me

Me – September 28, 2012

I’m Connor – a 22 year old graphic designer with a college degree and a shrinking waistline. When the scale at the doctor’s office read 321.6 pounds, I shrugged it off – I didn’t look that big.  When the nurse told me my blood pressure, though, I was scared straight. 144/100 was not an acceptable blood pressure. My boyfriend stayed up all night because I was afraid that I was going to have a heart attack and die. (I may have been slightly over dramatic.)

My diet started the next day.

My mother had been successful with losing weight using the Weight Watchers plan several times in the past (but didn’t have much luck maintaining.) After a few weeks of nagging her, we both went up to our local Weight Watchers facility one Tuesday after work to get started on a real plan.

During the ten weeks that I have been on the Weight Watcher Points Plus plan, I have learned a couple of things: (1) losing weight doesn’t mean eating rabbit food OR starving yourself, (2) I really enjoy cooking, and (3) I love stepping on the scales each week to see a smaller number.

I will be using this blog to stay accountable to what goes in my mouth each day. I will also share recipes that don’t leave me feeling hungry but also keep that scale moving in the right direction!


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