Weigh In!

Yesterday was my weight in and I lost!.

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t get so excited about small losses. Other times, I’m just so happy to still be on track after 13 weeks on the plan.

I lost 1.2 pounds this week, taking me closer and closer to my current goal (10%) and my overall goal.

At my meeting on 10-30-12 I should get my 16 week charm and I really want to hit 10% before I then. I think I’ve mentioned that in like… every post. I’m just getting so close to both of them!

3.2 more pounds until I hit 10%. I’d love to get there next week, but I’ll need to change up what I’m doing if I want to get there. I’ll work hard this week and cross my fingers on way-in day!

On a side note, I’m really hungry this morning! I ate my normal breakfast, but it’s just not holding very well.


One Comment on “Weigh In!”

  1. Jason Cole says:

    Any loss is good..my first weigh in saturday and im praying to have lost SOMETHING! http://www.NOFRIESfor365.com

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