So there was a wedding.

I went to a wedding this weekend. A gorgeous wedding between two wonderful people who truly deserve to be happy together. And I enjoyed every single moment of my weekend. And I’m sitting in my office on Monday morning trying not to feel guilty about all of that wonderful food.

Alex & Lianne

See, they’re gorgeous, aren’t they?

My brother, my mom and my dad were all in the wedding, so the three of them and myself were invited to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Oh. my. god.

Alex’s dad gets an A+ for everything that night. We had the roof reserved at a gorgeous restaurant in the middle of town. The weather was perfect, everything was candle-lit, and the food was amazing.

Alcohol was plentiful that night, but I drank my water. Glass after glass of it. I chose the roasted chicken entree and it was served with a wild rice pilaf and green beans. (That’s not so bad, right?) But then, I ate my creme brûlée. And I tried the chocolate mousse cake. And the bread pudding.

The next day, I had cheerios and skim milk for breakfast, then a ham and turkey sandwich for lunch. I was saving points. It wasn’t a secret.

At the reception, food and alcohol was again plentiful. And while I still only drank my water, I ate everything. Pork tenderloin, chicken, shrimp, corn dip, cake. Mmmm, I’m almost drooling thinking about it.

We will see tomorrow how the weekend affected my weight loss. Maybe I danced off at least one of those desserts?

[I love you Alex & Lianne! I wish you the happiest of lives together.]



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